Team Building Exercises You Can Use at Your Small Business

Team Building Exercises You Can Use at Your Small Business

Every business or company should have employees who work well with each other. The whole team should compliment each others skills and talents. A good way to achieve good team work within your small business is to create team building exercises and have everyone participate. This will in turn help the team connect with each other and bond. Today we will be going over a couple of team building exercises you can implement in your small business.

Team Building Exercises

Silver Linings: In this exercise you can group people into pairs of 2 or more. One person from the groups starts off by sharing a bad experience in his/her life. The rest of the group then discusses the experience again, but this time only focusing on the positive aspects of the situation or the “Silver Lining“. This exercise will help with bonding as well as learning how to see the positive aspects of any situation.

Scavenger Hunt: Here you will break up teams into groups and create a list of fun activities each group must perform within a given time limit. The task should be goofy, wacky task so that people can get out of their comfort zone. The team who completed the most task in the given time limit wins. This game will get team mates to work together on task as well as team bonding.

Puzzle Barter: This game will is a great game for identifying leaders, increasing problem solving skills and bringing everyone together. The way it works is to separate everyone into teams, and give each team a puzzle. The team then needs to put the puzzle together. The twist here is to scramble some puzzle pieces into other team piles. Now each team has to figure out a way to get the puzzle pieces they require from the other teams. This will include negotiating, trading, and exchanging team members. This is a great game to combine different talents within the office.

True and False: In this fun yet simple exercise, teams are divided into groups of no bigger than 4. Each person must go around in a circle and come up with 3 facts about themselves and 1 thing that is false. It is up to the other group members to guess which is false. To put a spin on this exercise have everyone at the end of the exercise recite at least 2 facts of each member of the team. The goal here is to get everyone to be more comfortable with their coworkers and learn some more about each other.

As you can see, these exercises and games are great for getting everyone in the office involved in a fun way. Everyone should participate and have fun. Being comfortable around each other is the start of great team work. So be sure to implement these exercises into your small business and don’t be afraid to modify the rules to your satisfaction.